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NCN Racing QuickCharge!
NCN Racing will be offering a QuickCharge payment option again for the 2015 racing season.  
What does this mean for you?  
   *   Pre-Registration - eliminates the need to enter the same personal and payment information over and over again throughout the season  
   *   Day-of Registration - no need to carry cash, check, or credit card on race day  
   *   Want to register for up-coming events at the day-of race app table but don't have the cash handy? Use QuickCharge while you are at the current race!  
   *   The service is FREE!  
   *   The service is secure!  
How is QuickCharge used?  
   *   After entering your information ONE TIME, and making your first race "purchase", your information will be stored in our secure database, and you will never have to submit any sensitive information over the Internet or telephone again. (Although you may have to update your credit card information if you change credit cards mid-season.) Just fill in a race entry form ONE TIME and you will be registered for any future purchases. (YOU MUST SUBMIT A RACE APPLICATION, OR MAKE A PURCHASE, TO ACTIVATE THIS SERVICE, but all future purchases/entries will be applied to your account.) For example, if you sign up for QuickCharge when registering for the "Catch a Leprechaun" race, all you need to do for any future race is select "Yes" from the drop-down list asking whether you are a registered member of the QuickCharge system on the race page. You will no longer have to fill out all the usual redundant information when racing with NCN Racing!  
How do you sign up?  
   *   Online registration - When registering for a race, you will be asked whether you are already a QuickCharge member. If you are not, you will be asked if you would like to become a member. Simply select "Yes" and submit your account information (including your credit card number and expiration date, or your bank routing number and checking account number). After your initial purchase/entry, your information will be in our data base, and on race day, a list of registered members (with no personal/bank info included) will be available for reference by our staff.  
   *   Day-of registration - same as online - in order to activate your QuickCharge membership, your first entry fee payment must use the account information you are supplying.  
Please call Rick at (440) 366-0645 with any questions.  
NCN Racing will not share, sell, or exchange any of the financial information submitted by QuickCharge members with any third parties except our payment processing service,
or as required by law.
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