Results of the 2012 Buzzard Duathlon/3-Mile Run
Missing Jacket: - If anyone who participated in the Hinckley Duathlon/Biathlon on April 22, 2012 picked up a jacket by the side of the road thinking it belonged to a team-mate or meant to turn it in to registration, it's not too late. This item was last seem off the side of the course in the grass close to the start of the course. The jacket was there when I started my 2nd run and when I came back, it was gone.

Lost Jacket at Buzzard Duathlon:
Hi-Vis Yellow Jacket
Eddie Bauer - First Ascent
Women's medium-tall

If you return my jacket, you will receive a finder's award.
Please contact: Martha Brennan of Snakebite Racing. You may turn it in to anyone you know on Team Snakebite as well.
Martha Brennan
P.S. I am going out of town on Wednesday with limited internet access.

Congratulations to all runners,
and a big "Thank you!" to our NCN Racing volunteers!

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